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We're excited to start the inaugural season of Stonewall Dodgeball Minneapolis! More details will be forthcoming, so stay tuned for updates. Registration is open, however, so you can still sign up now! Similar to kickball, you can join with a team or join as a free agent and come to the new player party to meet captains from the different teams to see where you might be a good fit.

Check back later for the rulebook, schedule, and standings.

Where are the matches?

Van Cleve Recreation Center. There is a parking lot and free street parking around the park.

Do I need to know how to play already?

Nope! The first week of the season is focused on learning the rules and just playing for fun before league play starts. The rulebook will be available soon if you want to read up before then.

Do I need to bring anything?

All equipment is provided, so you just need to wear your team shirt. We do ask that you preferably not wear black-soled shoes so we can avoid scuffing the floor.

How will matches be played?

Matches will be 40 minutes and the opposing teams will play as many games as possible in that time to determine who wins the match.

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